Price List


Clinical Examination
Examination, diagnosis,  treatment plan , small x-rays included: €50.00

Prescription: No charge to patients of the practice

Oral Hygiene – Cleaning/Scaling : from €50.00
Referral service to Periodontal Specialist available

Regular White Filling (composite): €80.00 -€100
Large White Filling (composite): from €100.00
Silver (amalgam): €80.00-€100

Full upper and lower Damon System braces: €3,000.00
Regular upper and lower braces                      :€2800.00
Single arch ( Upper or Lower  brace ) €1,500.00-€1,800.00
Functional Appliances : €500-€2000
Clear Brackets/Brace available

Porcelain fused to Metal Crown: from €450.00
All Porcelain/Emax/Zirconia: from €500.00
Bridgework: from €500 per unit
Discount available for multiple units, including veneers
Implants: from €850.00 per implant. Crown on top of implant separately costed
Tax relief at 20% reduces the cost further.

Teeth Whitening 
Custom retainers plus 3 x5Gm material :€300
Treatment requires teeth to be polished in order to succeed, this is included in the cost.

Routine Extraction from €100.00
Referral available for wisdom teeth/hospital/general anaesthesia

Acrylic Partial Denture: from €400.00
Metal/Cobalt Chromium: from €800.00
Flexi Denture: €700.00

Root Canal Treatment  
Front Tooth: from €250.00
Side Tooth: from €350.00
Molar: from €500.00

TMJ Treatment:
Consultation: €70
Splints/Orthotics: from €500

Amalgam/Mercury Filling Test: €70
This procedure measures minute electrical flow from fillings which are thought to inhibit the immune system





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Dr Joe Nolan
27 Abbeygate Street Lower
Galway City