Mercury Free Dentistry

Mercury Free Dentistry

Immunosuppression, or illness due to metal/mercury based  filling is rare, but does occur. The mouth itself may show the effects of contact with a metal filling such as a dermatitis like effect on the cheek, while clinical symptoms such as  fatigue, irritable bowel, rash, are associated by some authorities with mercury based fillings.  There is an electrical discharge from fillings, the level of discharge varies, and is measurable. The testing technique as advised  by the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry is the procedure  used to find the level of electrical discharge coming from a filling.
Rather than the actual mercury locked up in the filling, the electrical current flowing from the filling is assessed.  Once the simple test is done, ( picture shows the meter used) …only the targeted fillings are replaced. This cuts down on the number of teeth which are retreated.  Removal of the metal filling is usually done by use of a special sheet of medical grade rubber stretched over the tooth. In this way, no bits of filling are allowed into the mouth.
Tooth coloured fillings are placed using a technique  resulting in a much better seal when compared to metal. Even badly fractured teeth can be rescued by the use of this material.

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